Solid Rock Restoration Church Streaming Messages

Solid Rock Restoration Church Streaming Messages

We currently stream Live on Facebook once a week.

All of our videos can be viewed on our YouTube page

Our newest video is the always the first video in our playlist. After that all of our other videos will automatically play in order from newest to oldest.
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The following links below are messages from Sunday services. These are audio only streaming MP3 files hosted on A new window will open. You do not need to login. (Click "No thanks, continue to view" or sign in with your google account.) These messages are also available on CD. Please contact us to order.

20161106 Thanksgiving: An Attitude of Gratitude - Pastor Don Waisanen
20161113 What Shall I Do Now Lord - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20161106 Praise Brings the Glory - Pastor Don Waisanen
20161030 Oppressing Spirits - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20161009 The King In You - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20161002 A Church at the Crossroads - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160904 Only Unshakable Things Will Remain - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160828 But God - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20160821 Adversity: A Blessing in Disguise - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160731 The Secret Place - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20160724 Barriers to Blessings - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160717 Every Tongue shall Confess Jesus Christ is Lord - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160710 The Nine Gifts of the Spirit - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20160619 The Way of the Eagle - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20160612 The Hidden Gospel - Pastor Don Waisanen
20160605 Donít Quit Now - Pastor Carol Waisanen
20160522 Where There is No Vision The People Perish - Pastor Don Waisanen

We hope these messages are a blessing to you.

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Worship Sunday 10am, Bible Study Thursday 6:30pm.
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